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Bixtor Limited specialises on Web 3.0 investmens which involves stocks cryptos and NFTs.







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artificial intelligent capabilities

Predict consumer & market behaviour based on historical data

The market has it’s cycles. Our team has noticed this and it’s watching the pattern repeat. We have implemented this function in a smart intellect that determines patterns in the market faster than a person.

Reduce Opetational

A human is capable to make more mistakes than a robot. Our task is to reduce the % of risk in order to earn even more. In this case trading robots help us.

Use pre-traid analytics
and build strategies

Bixtor created strategies . Not all of them turn out to be profitable, But it’s the part of the process and it’s inevitable.

Find anomalies in
the market

Anomalies in the market are natural. But the human’s eye can’t catch them. That is why we have created smart intelligence to recognize anomalies in the market.

Increase speed and number of transactions

The person is fast but not fast enough. We need to make as many transactions as possible in a fallen market. Cryptocurrency is falling in price and it plays into our hands. We make money on the fall.

About the Company

about Bixtor

We are pleased to welcome you to Bixtor limited website - one of the most secure and reliable platforms for forex and crypto trading

Web3 cryptos are a new wave of cryptocurrencies that focus on making the decentralized vision of Web3 a reality. They combine blockchain technology with smart contracts to give people control over their data and make transactions without relying on third parties.

Unlike traditional online companies that leverage your information, Web3 will give back control of data to the individual. It will bring unique possibilities. For instance, musical artists can post their creations on decentralized platforms or their own personal devices instead of relying on centralized organizations like Spotify or YouTube to profit from them.

Web3 aims to avoid watchdogs or agencies telling you what services you can access or can’t access. Transactions in Web3 are between two or more parties without a middleman to improve privacy, autonomy and control of data.

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how Bixtor is different

functional user interface We have developend convenient and functional product that meets all the requirements of the time, available from all devices

Low entry threshold for investors The absense of hidden fees and size of the minimum contribution from $10 makes investment accessible

official permission for legal activities Bixtor is a publicly recognized and officially registered company with outstanding reputation

flexible and transparent investment conditions Bixtor cooperates with a large number of payment services, investing a large number of fiat and digital currencies

legal & secured

Comodo EV SSL - the highest available level of trust and authentication website. The freen address bar contains the name of the company and provides high guarantee that the website is secure

DDoS-Guard L7 - protection system stops all known types of attacks. Your IP address and server location will be hidden from attackers.

Develop businsess relationships around the world, helping to find the right partners, service providers and customers, cooperation with Dun & Brandstreet enhances trust D-U-N-S

To create a deposit, log in to your account. Then go to the investment tab, where you need to choose an investment plan, payment system and enter the deposit amount. Confirm and transfer the funds to the specified address.
HOW TO withdraw?
To withdraw funds, log in to your cabinet. Then go to the withdrawal tab, where you need to select a payment system. Enter the withdrawal amount and confirm. Make sure that you have saved your wallet in the settings and that you have the required amount on your balance.
To calculate the profit you will get for your investment, go to the main page of the project. You will find different plans, you need to choose the one that suits you, enter the amount in the calculator and it will show you your profit.
affiliate program
6%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%

Refer new members and earn up to 14% from their investments.

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